Comment on Beware the LinkedIn liar! by plexi

Ha, you would think so! I know several people who got hired from Linkedin. In particular,XXXXXXX. Most of the top positions help in the UK department of this French company are people that have very little credibility or experience for the field that they work in. It’s also the same case with XXXXX- another XXXX company started by people who think that reading a book about management is enough to start and run a business. Now both of those companies have an extreme rate of staff rotation. And the people that are still working for them are always on the lookout for a different job.

[email protected] I have published your comment. However, as you have not been transparent enough to publish your own real name and contact details, I have edited out the names of the companies you have belittled here.. If you want to criticise people, in public, do so by identifying yourself first. On my website, that’s how we roll anyway.
Greg Savage

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