Comment on Candidates are not an online commodity by Julian

Good article Greg. Some responses here are measured, but some are people trying to hold on to an outdated model.
I liken it to the music industry where a model was used for decades that was quite frankly deceptive, manipulative and served no purpose other than to line the record companies pockets.
Now the recruitment industry is not quite that bad, but be sure that it is not a highly regarded and trusted industry other than those inside the industry. Speak to anyone who isn’t trying to be pragmatic and the expletives fly. That is both from the job seeker and the employer.
And really $20-30k to ‘filter down’ candidates for a 120k job? Really?
And in many cases the result is not that great.
And i can see the steam rising from the ears of recruiters, but it just isn’t worth that much.
Technology is changing and coming up with new ways to match, and find talent.
Technology is attacking the monopolized, labor intensive and over priced industries at a rapid rate and recruitment is a prime candidate. Think music, taxi’s, accommodation, etc etc.

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