Comment on Costs threats in employment tribunals: a proposal for reform by Trina

I have to represent myself. Been a whistleblower and now unfairly dismissed for ‘not looking for another job’. I’m not making that up! It is a Government department aligned with Health with bottomless pits of money to stop Plebs like me telling people like you – well anything. I’ve paid £1250 for the right to stand in court. I’m being threatened by the Court that if my disclosures and detriments don’t pass scrutiny my bank account will get the bill. It is an honest case from me, with nothing but denial from them. Their barrister is known to 2 solicitors I’ve spoken to. Rottreiler constantly after deposit orders. Until it happens to you, no one knows that it is money-maker as well as anti-democracy. So, £1,250 to bring your case, £20,000 deposit order which the other side holds, the case is strung out, you don’t get £20,000 back if any. You pay your legals if you have any. Who is the loser? Who allowed this law? I vow to make grounded justice my charity if I survive this myself.

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