Comment on Discrimination in recruitment. Not only good – essential! by Pavel

Thanks for sharing, James. I agree that these are more gneeric stats and also stats that I would expect, as most text messages (as of now) come from personal contacts. On the other hand, e-mails flood the inbox, making it less likely overall that your message will be opened.If targeted properly, I would hope that the read rate would be higher for those recruitment e-mails, but I believe there are going to be several other factors that contribute to that number (active vs. passive job seeker, number of e-mails received overall, etc ). If recruiters/recruitment marketers do jump on the SMS train, I hope they would be cautious as to frequency and type of message so as not to turn users off from the channel completely.All-in-all, I think the message is that there are new options out there for reaching candidates. However, as with any channel, you must use it wisely.A

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