Comment on Fire these clients. Now! by Anita

Funny how you know what posts I need to read 🙂 Last week I made a rookie mistake that caused me great embarrassment, , but it also made me sit back and take stock. I was working 42 jobs, 14/16 hours a day sourcing, following up, BEGGING for feedback and my desk was becoming a mess. I decided to “fire” the clients that have no respect for me or the people behind the CV. It was HARD! Two of these clients are big players, and I would have given my eye teeth before they were a client to work with them. This is what I learned. They don’t give a stuff about you or your candidate. The “gatekeepers” select the CV’s they want to pass on, but ignore the others. They don’t return calls, mails, messages and keep you hanging for WEEKS! So…those two were first on my list… I said, it was hard. I then let all the candidates referred to these companies know that despite best efforts I was unable to secure them an interview, apologized, and told them to move on. I am now concentrating on 5 clients and will resist the temptation to take on more, unless they fit the criteria you mentioned in your article.

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