Comment on If your boss does not know THIS… change your job! by Greg Savage

Callum, you are right that many of these things have been spoken about for a while, but on the other hand, many have most certainly NOT been around for 5 years, and are ideas that people are only now coming to grips with. That aside , the point is that “brand new” or not, these ideas are front and center in terms of relevance. My experience is that the VAST majority of recruiters have not acted on any of these important initiatives and threats. You made my point for me when you said “Ask any passive candidate to name 10 recruitment agencies – i think most would struggle beyond naming three at most.” Exactly! because most recruiters do not think like marketers and have not built their brand. This is what I am saying they need to do! And, er no, Callum, the future IS about candidates, that is something most recruiters agree on. “Finding” someone on Facebook or anywhere else is NOT the same as recruiting them which is a much different skills I just toured the UK and Europe and spoke to almost a 1000 recruiters and most of them seemed to think i was on the right track. Follow this Twitter hashtag if you want to see what they thought #REC Savage (You do have twitter right?). Thanks for reading my blog, thanks for commenting, thats appreciated .. but I pretty much disagree with almost everything you said. But tats the beauty of democracy.

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