Comment on Recruiters, this is our time to step up! by Adam Graves

Great advice here Greg. I witnessed the last major recession as a junior recruiter back in 2008 and since then the crash in Gold and then Oil prices had a similar affect on parts of our business. In times of uncertainty, austerity and unprecedented home working I would add that never before have our ‘eyes and ears’ in the market been so valuable. Trusted Clients, candidates and new business contacts should seek tremendous value in what we are seeing and hearing from our candidates and Clients. I believe that the next 3-6 months are going to be extremely challenging for most businesses (except MSTeams, Skype, Zoom, hand sanitizers etc…) however it also represents great opportunity to build meaningful relationships and expand our portfolio of fee paying customers (and candidates) to enable us to trade out way out of this mess like never before.

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