Comment on Recruitment. The best it’s been for a decade! by Alan Allebone

I remember Greg back in 1976 when I first started in recruitment in London. My boss said to me that it is the best profession and industry to be in and that it will last forever. Lots of our client UK wide said they will use us until it cracks and they gave us 3 years. 42 years on that agency in London is booming and is involved with both Contract and Permanent recruitment.
My colleagues in those days are still recruiting and have their own businesses now. If anything it is getting better.
My dear old boss said to me If i survive the first year i would be in the business for the rest of my life!
20 years in UK and 22 years in Melbourne
1895 An agency called Mrs Hunt which supplied upstairs and downstairs staff (maids, butlers etc etc is so I have been told going today.

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