Comment on Some recruiters are history. Others will thrive. How about you? by Wally Barr

Excellent post. The industry has a history of misusing technology. It seems to be one of the only industries where technology has hampered the process. Job boards make it simple to apply and recruiters get 1000’s of responses. So many that they have to rely on other technologies to handle the load. So the best candidates are not found but the short list is now just the best resume writers. One of the biggest problems is the writing of a job post. It completely just states the obvious. I mean “really a sales person is expected to make outbound connections?” The job itself is not the difference maker. It is the culture and the path that is available. I am not referring to sales being able to quickly move to management either because that is really insane and is a big red flag for the company. A resume is simply a balance sheet without any liabilities listed.
You are correct in your thoughts on AI. It is vital that recruiters know and understand it. What worries me is that the AI model is only as good as the information or instructions given to the program. Without a complete grasp of what you do and the desired outcome many will fail to use this technology effectively.
Without input from experts like yourself, the system will be programmed by programmers and not industry experts. This concept is best shown by the web developer industry where sites are pretty and not effective. This is caused by web dev viewing you as a client where they have to be concerned about the clients market or clients.
I think the market is needing some sort of education on the understanding and analysis of data. It is overlooked in many industries. It is in this area where humans can actually add value.
You need to tell a machine what you want to discover. Then you need to understand and apply the output.
Traditional recruiters will not be able to do this. They rely on impressions and feelings from a 30 minute meeting.
The connection between a candidate and a recruiter really has very little to do with a successful hire. The connection has to be with the company and the people they will be working with and for.
Using AI to discover this aspect will be a very large asset.

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