Comment on Somebody resigned? Don’t be a fool. Stay cool. by Josephine

Gosh – I have just handed my notice in as I was headhunted for an amazing opportunity – it’s the chance to change my life so I had to take it. I have grown my marketing team from 2 – 5 and I manage in a very different way to the rest of the organisation. My team wants to work hard for me – we are a tight-knit unit – I am committed to upskilling them and getting them ready for their next role. I’ve had terrible and fantastic managers over the years and what I do know is that when you are young and in your 20s – having a mentor and someone to support in your professional development is crucial to career continuity. Unfortunately, the company I work for is going through financial hardship and there are very few hands-on managers – there was a swathe of redundancies in December – handled appallingly by the board (they were told by email while the directors were all out of the country), the repercussions of which were left to ‘heads of…’ such as myself to deal with the fall-out with zero director support and little to no information. I was headhunted for 3-roles towards the end of the year and decided to take the plunge and put me (as opposed to my organisation) first for a change. Super nervous handing my notice in. I was counter-offered immediately, massive ambiguity over my notice period, he refused to accept the 4-months on my contract, said it was 3-months but then wouldn’t agree on a leave date. I went to the chairman to try and get some closure and agree a date (my MD went from saying we’ll agree a ‘mutually agreeable timeframe’ to saying refuses to give me a leave date until he has recruited for my replacement and I have to work to contract as discussed – we were still debating whether I had to work to 3/4 months notice – 100% unreasonable and unapproachable). I was so upset by the tone of the emails being sent I had no choice otherwise I risked losing my new contract. I was then accused of being devious and spiteful and now – he has reluctantly allowed me to have a 2-months notice period (after the chairman had a word) but is openly being rude and just down-right horrible on email with several people copied in. I have 6-weeks left and have gone from wanting to do my absolute best as I always do – to absolutely hating coming to work and I have zero motivation to create an amazing handover. I always say ‘never slam a door’ but my MD is now acting like a jilted lover. I had heard he could be a bully and unreasonable but never experienced it. Our pension hasn’t been paid and they have been reported to the authorities, close 95% of the organisation is job hunting … it’s really sad. I always had a lot of time for my MD, really respected him, now I just think he is a narcissist and a bully and I don’t want to do business with him or his organisation again. He’s a silly billy. My new role is an MD role – I’m learning how not to manage relationships and how not to get the best out of your staff. Such a shame, it needn’t be like this!

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