Comment on Stressed recruiter? Take a chill-pill by Rachel Fucich

Hi Greg,
Though my experience as a recruiter only extends to three in-class sales projects, I can easily understand how being a recruiter may have a heavy affect on mental health. Additionally, I find this article very relatable to all aspects of being college student. I often find myself troubled by being let down, weather it be with a bad grade I feel I didn’t deserve or being unable to complete a task in time.
I agree that coping with stress is very important, and I do so by many of the ideas you have listed including taking a break, setting realistic goals, and hitting the gym. “Business Insider” once published a video called “Tony Robbins: How to pull yourself out of a funk”, in which Tony Robbins explained that emotions are habitual as well as the importance of staying level-headed, much like your take on “PMA”. I find this method to be the ultimate key to success in both personal gain as well as academic performance, which are not as easily obtainable with the heavy weight of stress, which can rapidly accumulate if preventative measures are not taken.
Thank you for your insight on stress management.

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