Comment on The candidate response that nearly made me cry by Jeff

I was made redundant earlier this year and can connect with article. I was out for 4 months before “getting back on the horse”. It was really good to hear back from recruiters after putting in the effort to apply, building relationships with HR people was hard struggle but it paid off in the end.
I cringed though reading some adverts. Like this one, Mechanical Engineer…. must have an Electrical Engineering degree…. hum! We call those guys Electrical Engineers. Another common one was the “Graduate Engineer” with +10yrs experience… I worry a lot about Graduate Engineers who haven’t shook off the grad tag after 5yrs, but 10yrs only tells me the recruiter wants a bench warmer who does know his job and will be a litigation risk for the company… best avoid that company!!!
Another was the Engineering Manager with minimum Engineering Diploma… not even a degree and he would be heading Engineering in a company, would want a surgeon operating on you with only first aid certificate, c’mon that’s nuts! Time for some recruiters (and managers) to be realistic about their requirements.

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