Comment on The candidate response that nearly made me cry by Moray Robertson

Woops, here is the corrected version: Excellent points Greg, I have another heart breaking experience concerning ageism. Although of course Agesim is illegal, recruiters both commercial and in-house bear the responsibility of discriminating between good and not so good candidates, and hide behind what they consider would be their client’s preferences. Very few recruiters have the courage to challenge (I have successfully used the “if you needed urgent surgery, who would you prefer to operate, a seasoned Surgeon, or someone not so experienced” with my clients). We have a government who has put up the age of retirement, yet has done nothing to address this, apart from offer $10000 to an employer to hire an older worker for training purposes, which is not proving to be popular with employers. We have babyboomers with significant STEM talents in IT who are out of work, we have overseas sourced 457’s by the bucket load, and as a result, employers haven’t been training graduates or hiring mature age IT professionals, and yes, it is heartbreaking to see an over 45 IT worker lose his/her house because they couldn’t get an interview – So I would ask you to review this, and use your influence on recruiters to challenge age discrimination, especially those corporate HR directors who make such a huge song and dance about how deeply their organisations have adopted non-discrimintory policies….bottom line is…there is MUCH more to discrimination than they seem to think!

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