Comment on The candidate response that nearly made me cry by Tracy

My policy was always to thank each one who responded and let them know they were not a good fit. And you are right, often times I would get a thank you to at least responding. I’ve been on that side of the fence and understand the frustration. However, I’m finding now days, it’s a different search out there. I can’t tell you how many candidates have responded “I don’t know what I apply to I just click a button to apply to ALL”. So no longer do people carefully draft cover letters like I used to. No longer do people read the ads the recruiters have created so that people understand the job, the details, the expectations and the requirements. No longer do candidates take care in looking for a job that fits them. It’s a lazy man’s CLICK TO APPLY TO ALL and if their resume goes to 50 recruiters who take the time to read their resume that has absolutely no relevance to the job, it’s no skin off their back.

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