Comment on The dumbest thing a recruitment manager ever said to me. by Lynne Mayer

Terry, I agree with you. I’ve been in calling situations that reminded me of the old I Love Lucy episode when Ethel and Lucy are working on a conveyer belt in a chocolate factory. Insane. Just like much of the candy went by without proper wrapping, some fell on the floor – Lucy and Ethel could probably have handled it with the aid of crystal Meth…for a few days. The conveyer belt speed was upped and it made for good comedy, not anything else. Anyway, I’ve noticed that the best callers paced the calls out, took a few moments, and relaxed enough not to sound like they were in a timed race-which works with what type of prospect, anyway? It is about quality of calls, it is about focus, it is about research and other tools. I’ve actually talked to a recruiter whose client wanted 200 calls/day. What skill set is being applied? In such a case, I think trained spider monkeys should be on the desks, making the calls and signaling when someone answers….yeah. That would be more fun.

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