Comment on The golden rule of cold-calling. Don’t! by Olivia

Greg, a warm call? I love it SO much! Let’s throw the cold calls out with the bathwater. Honestly, there are too many sales reps out there who just don’t understand how to pitch effectively and make the call productive. In fact, there needs to be a sales training program for this warm call. There are SO many creative ways reps can connect or reconnect with customers or potential ones. Referrals, following up, and of course, using social media are all excellent ways to grab attention. I especially like social media for networking. There are career-based groups on Facebook, and definitely don’t forget LinkedIn and Twitter. With the way our world is headed right now, doing things digitally and remotely is the way to go. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way, but it’s best to keep it modern, as you said. Especially now that 2020 has, well, happened. Thank you for the article!

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