Comment on What ‘The Dark Ages of Recruitment’ can teach us post-COVID by Evelyn Woods

In the dark ages we visited our Clients to take job descriptions, no emailing. Allowed you to spend time with the Client and make suggestions about the job detail.
We knew the names of our temporaries children/husband/where the husband worked/birthday/all written on their cards. The more you knew about them the more loyal they were to you.
A good candidate had up to 4 coffees whilst the team got on the phone and made 3 phone calls each to sell their skills into a job – you literally created the job on the phone because if they left your office, they were gone to another agency. They were a good source of income to us, we made them feel like we cared about them – not just making them a number in our process.
Today I still have candidates call me up and say remember me, you placed me 20 years ago at such and such company, they even bring in references we wrote for them way back in the dark ages. Plus if we made them feel like we cared and looked after them, they would tell us when they were working with temporaries from other agencies and they would tell them to call us instead. Then we used to let the Client know we were aware they were using another service and what was the reason, were we not doing a good enough job, there was loyalty back in the dark ages.

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