Comment on What you can learn from the ‘Dark Ages’ of recruitment by Robyn Green

Having been out of the industry for a while now I read your piece and smile, as I ONLY know the old stuff (taught to me by you of course). I can’t imagine how mind numbingly dull it must be to be a recruiter who only uses technology to make matches and placements. For me the whole love of recruiting was the thrill of the chase, the skill of picking up a marketable quality that was not visible in the resume, convincing a client to see someone who they would not pick from a paper resume. The other side of the equation was counselling and working with a candidate to bring out their hidden talents, guide them in their careers and often work with them over decades in each career step. It was fast, furious and fun. I’m sad to think that so much of that is missing now, for the client, for the candidate and most of all, for the recruiter.

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