Comment on Why ‘agency recruitment’ is totally screwed by franz chong

Without mentioning company names They take like forever in most cases to find the clients work and unless they specify what exactly they want they will be put into any old place.It’s not all that much different from say work experience we had in schools.I got offered things like Drakes Supermarkets run by Foodland in SA and Charlesworth Nuts but it was unfortunate that my case worker was not very understanding about what I wanted plus the flexibility and control I have during all those years in Pizza Hut as a Home Delivery Person when looking for work.I went back to my old job till just a few months before the store closed down and then switched job agencies.slowly getting somewhere and with someone whose more with it about what the late seventies and throughout the eighties generation are looking for in a job given the guy who I have fortnightly appointments with at the moment is a thirty something whereas the previous one would be somewhere in his fifties by now and would have graduated school around the time most of this group of workers were babies toddlers or not even born yet.

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