Comment on Why ‘agency recruitment’ is totally screwed by franz chong

Try being a thirty something trying to moving on from Pizza Driving given within 15 years the industry will practically be dead.I have been trying to do so for years but short of relying on backpacker boards for temporary jobs not a lot is out there.The rest of the positions you see in a Wednesday or Saturday paper are for people with highly sought after qualifications.Most places don’t have this discrimination rule on age but it sadly does exist.Maccas once you are over 21 DON’T WANT to know you in many cases,The Cab Industry with some exceptions very rarely has a Aussie,European of some Kind,Vietnamese or Chinese doing the driving these days and there are other examples I could use.Most Recruitment Agencies unless you know them through a family friend are useless.Don’t trust the ad’s you see on TV about certain organisations.

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