Comment on Why ‘agency recruitment’ is totally screwed by jobseeker

I don’t have a lot of experience with recruiting firms. I recently submitted an application to a company posting a job on LinkedIn. It is for a new initiative in a new venue the company wants to launch and I have the certifications, experience and background to be close to a perfect fit. I heard back from them immediately that they were impressed and were forwarding my info to their ‘recruiting partner’. I can only guess they need this recruiting agency because their new venture is to take place on cruise ships and there are some mandatory professional Coast Guard type certs that are required to be placed on international vessels. So, I am referred to a supposed recruiting firm that specializes in maritime recruitment. I have all my required certs already- there is no lag time for me to be placed on a vessel immediately. I got an email from the recruiting agency, we set up a Skype interview. He is a no show/no call. I have to email him/message him through Skype and I finally get an email response with the subject line saying ‘rescheduled’ but the body of the email–and I am not kidding– is apparently some type of emoji. That’s it. Well, that doesn’t read on my computer and shows up as a gray box. Who the f**k sends some cartoony illustration as the entire message in a business environment? So, I have to write back and ask this 3 year old to actually use some words and type out the message instead of relying on some dopey emoticon to do the talking for him. I say this in the most *polite* way I can muster because at this point I still want the job. So we arrange a time the following day for an interview and the time is confirmed. Two days in a row I re-arrange a work schedule to be available for a Skype interview. Interview #2 time comes and goes, no call, no response to my attempt to reach him, nothing. No apology, no explanation, nothing. I contact the office manager of this firm and ask to get assigned a different recruiter. I get an email back from the owner of the company making excuses for this guy and saying he is one of their top recruiters. Are you serious?

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