Comment on Why ‘agency recruitment’ is totally screwed by Sally G

Hi Mark. I agree with what you said earlier about them being uneducated. I took a role in a recruitment company for a year and quickly realized I was the only university educated employee there including the directors. I was also looked down upon by my colleagues for persuing education. i have an MBA and felt so under utilized. I also found the reaction to “Hi I’m a recruitment company” in the market was always negative. When speaking to one colleague who had apparently beem in the industry for years I asked if she had a HE degree. She said “yes I have a HR diploma.” I asked “Wow! a post grad diploma in HE.?” She basically responded that she didn’t even know what that meant. Turns out she did a 2 day weekend course yeara before and it’s called a Diploma of HR. This is not an industry for educated or refined commensurate professionals. I’m glad I left. Did a year and left professionally though wasn’t responded to with professionalism. I do see somw recruiters that may be better like specialized legal, MAN, Engineering etc recruitment consultants. The best ones are professional management consultants doing in addition to their consulting work for their clients. Less of a bias, rush etc and more time for the candidate. Hooe this experience helps others and thanks for your blog.

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