Comment on Why are recruiters still ballsing up candidate basics? by Melinda Goodrich

Fantastic video Greg! There is a time & place for technology, but the direct sourcing of top talent and taking our best candidates to the market is the best way to make a huge impact and gain loyalty from clients. Our CEO and training committee has always emphasized the importance of getting back to the basics and picking up the phone to connect with candidates and potential clients. I completely agree with what you said about databases. There’s lots of information that hasn’t been updated. We use what we call Touch Plans to consistently “touch” top blue chip players as well as current and potential new clients. I love this video and plan to watch it again and take notes. I’ve been in recruiting for over 12 years and learn something new every single day. My goal with each call is to walk away with something new, whether it be a new great candidate, a new job order or client, or industry related information. As Recruiters we are match makers and many times like psychologists. Thank you for your posts and I truly enjoy learning from you.

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