Comment on  Your 6-Point guide to COVID Leadership Excellence by andrew

Straight to the point and sage advice Greg, it is challenging, we don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s a tough world, but you can do positive things each day and week. We have had to let two of our team go(one marketing and one finance) and that was tough one had worked for us for eleven years which was an awful thing to do. We have been honest with the team and tried to keep them on track, never loosing focus on what the DNA of our business is about. We are starting to see green shoots and the past six weeks we have built the revenue up. One of the things we have also done is make a list of all the things we should have done sooner, the things we put off and never got round too. Doing this has been really cathartic as we have said never again to some of those things and I know we will have a better business in the future.

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