Comment on Your Post-COVID Mantra. ‘Cash is Queen’. by Andrew Brindley

Great article Greg we discussed this on our daily DDM (our Accounts manager brought it up as it was in their area of expertise she’s in her seventies but is still learning and reads your blog every week!). We have used your blogs to motivate us through these difficult and challenging times, we have updated our systems and processes throughout this period pushing harder than we have ever done before to ensure we are match fit for when things pick up. Your words of wisdom have helped us drive on through these moments in time not allowing ourselves wallow in the set backs. We have changed our accounts system to Xero, got some automated credit control software in chaser, started using to-do and planner in 365 and this week we are looking at new payroll systems. On top of that we have ditched Target Recruit in Salesforce and built custom objects to replace with a custom made part of Salesforce to ensure it works better for us and will make us much more efficient. We are moving to a paperless office and are in the middle of scanning in our legacy data (there’s a lot as we are in Social care) so we become a paperless office, and then after that we are going to become a officeless office and work to a working from home hybrid model full time later this year. All things done while we driving our business development, trying to build stronger relationships with our customers and temps. We have a long way to go but your article struck a cord with us as we have always followed your mantra “cash is queen” and have avoided those shitty contracts that pay crap margins, I’ve been the one that has pulled the plug on what others thought ok because it just didn’t make sense.
We are not perfect and we still make mistakes but we are trying to learn from those and move forward one inch at a time! Thanks for sharing this.

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