#OneDSplit, business and #Google

The heartbreaking news that One Direction might be taking a sabbatical is one full of lessons for organisations.

Within any system there are recognisable patterns and phases that emerge in commonality with other systems.

The recent decision by Google to split the organisation into separate identities (under the umbrella of Alphabet) is the most immediate parallel for One Direction, another illustration that the component parts of a system need space to realise their own potential.

As organisations evolve it is a requirement of leadership to appreciate the growth and uniqueness of different segments and the potential need for shared purpose to be realised through independent growth.

In many ways Harry Styles is most like Google’s core search engine business, with Louis being an approximation of Google’s forays into driverless cars. The other one is probably Google Glass or something…

How many are there? The other guy left before didn’t he…and he split with that one from Little Mix. I’m not sure what that makes him? Google Plus? And the one from Little Mix is Uber or something?

Sorry. I can’t do this. Can someone finish this please?



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