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April 2020 employment law changes: eight tasks for HR

6 Apr 2020

Each April, HR professionals must ensure that their organisation complies with the latest round of amended employment laws and deadlines....

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Reputational damage: six preventative measures for employers

26 Jun 2017

How can employers ensure reputational damage is kept to a minimum?

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Duty to make reasonable adjustments: five tips from case law

5 Dec 2016

The duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled workers requires employers to consider what is “reasonable”. But how can employers...

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Calculating statutory maternity pay (SMP): five tips for employers

17 Jun 2016

Statutory maternity pay (SMP) can be tricky to calculate, for example where an employee’s pay increases during her maternity leave....

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Discrimination arising from disability - case law illustrates how employers can get it wrong

Discrimination arising from disability: five examples from case law

4 Apr 2016

"Discrimination arising from disability" is a relatively new concept introduced...

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Holiday pay

Case in point: holiday pay, disability discrimination, TUPE dismissals and whistleblowing

30 May 2014

In the second of a new series of articles on important decisions from the UK and European courts and tribunals,...

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Maternity rights in surrogacy

Case in point: maternity in surrogacy, pregnancy‑related illness and data protection

28 Mar 2014

Eleanor Gelder looks at surrogate mothers and their right to maternity leave, dismissals following post-maternity leave absence and what constitutes personal data...

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Four employment law changes commencing 1 October 2013

25 Sep 2013

Following a busy summer of employment law changes in June, July and September, there are further new measures coming into...

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