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Money well spent

11 May 2004

With an increase in spending on training, it is important for employers to ensure the investment offers a good return.

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A fresh eye on proceedings

30 Mar 2004

One benefit of employing an HR interim is that they can draw on their experience in a variety of organisations to bring a new perspective to problem solving. Nic Paton meets one successful exponent of this potentially enlightening art

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Green shoots

16 Mar 2004

Massive losses and growing competition have forced Royal Mail to propagate massive changes, and the new Chief Learning Officer Kevin Green is helping to sow the seeds of recovery.

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Raising your game

27 Jan 2004

A panel formed by The Work Foundation to tackle the issue of low productivity in the UK has led to the creation of a High Performance Index, a practical yardstick businesses can measure themselves against to raise their game.

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