Candidates becoming choosier about their next role

How selective are you about your next role vs your previous role?

Job candidates are becoming increasing selective about their next career move, according to new research from Totaljobs.

More than four in 10 jobseekers (43%) said that they are more selective about their next role than their previous role; 19% said they were less selective and 38% said they did not know.

But the research also found that candidates were finding it harder to find a role in what Totaljobs says highlights the continued mismatch between the skills held by candidates and those demanded by employers.

Almost half of candidates (46%) said it was “much harder” to get a job compared to last time they were looking; 19% said it was slightly harder.

The Totaljobs Employer Insights Report, Competitive Recruiting in a Candidate Led Market, also provides statistics on how long it takes employers to recruit the “right talent”. For example HR roles typically take around one month to fill, while IT and Sales vacancies take longer.

The Competitive Recruiting report highlights a shift in candidate supply and employer demand. It found that the significant majority (68%) of employers said they are operating in a more candidate-led way than they had been in the past five years.

Nearly half (49%) of British businesses expect recruitment to become more difficult over the next two years, according to the research, with the average number of candidates interviewed per role currently six.

The research was conducted among 4,000 UK jobseekers and 1,796 employers in Autumn 2015.

Download the Totaljobs white paper now to read the research in full

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