Charity Shaw Trust takes to Glasgow streets to promote benefits of employing disabled and disadvantaged people

Charity Shaw Trust hit the streets of Glasgow this morning to help people find work. Glasgow has the largest number of incapacity benefit claimants in Scotland.

Shaw Trust’s poster on wheels will travel around the city to alert everyone to the opportunities available to disabled and disadvantaged people on benefits, who are struggling to find work but need extra support or training to achieve their goals.

“We are trying to reach out to the people of Glasgow because there are a great many of them who desperately need our help, and the enormous 20 foot by 10 foot mobile billboards will be hard to miss or ignore,” said Shaw Trust’s regional manager, Ian Bruce.

He said: “We want local people and local employers to be aware that Shaw Trust can help them to make a big difference to their lives.”

The five-day rolling campaign kicked off at 11am in the car park at Tesco St Rollox.

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