Christmas competiton results

Thanks to everyone who took part in our special Christmas competition. We hid 12 images relating to the 12 days of Christmas in our 13 December 2005 issue and challenged you to find them.

Many of you succeeded – but some of you were flummoxed by the way we cunningly hid some of the pictures.

One HR manager said she gave up her whole lunch hour to find them. And another said we were “discriminatory against those of us who are spectacle-ly challenged” as some of the images were on the small side.

Find the pictures on the following pages:

  • 12 drummers drumming, page 32

  • 11 pipers piping, page 52(did you spot Guru’s face on the lead piper?)

  • 10 lords a-leaping, page 20

  • Nine ladies dancing, page 15 (on the cover of Employers’ Law magazine)

  • Eight maids a-milking, page 24 (third square down)

  • Seven swans a-swimming, page 2 (on the river)

  • Six geese a-laying, page 25 (sixth square down)

  • Five gold rings, page 33 (Olympics picture)

  • Four calling birds, page 11

  • Three French hens, page 27 (on the table in front of Jennifer Aniston)

  • Two turtle doves, page 18 (on the photo of the married couple)

  • And a partridge in a pear tree, page 3

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