CIPD qualifications update welcome

I note with interest and pleasure that the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has finally updated the various qualification levels which have been a source of confusion for many and misleading to employers.

By removing the rather silly ‘Licencate’ and misleading ‘Graduate’ levels of membership, and replacing them with ‘Associate’ we are all the better for it.

I know some members who were ‘gradautes’ of the CIPD and were trying to pretend that it meant they were real graduates and had undertaken full-time study at a recognised UK university.

As both a Fellow of the CIPD and a proud BA honours graduate, I can assure all that there is absolutey no comparison between the two and it is disengeuous to say there is.

To those who say ‘Associate’ is a new and unecessary change, think back to the 1970s, because that’s exactly what CIPD students were called before they became corporate members.

If you wait long enough everything in HR repeats itself.

Owen Shaw
Details supplied

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