CIPD stance on BNP member shows real leadership

Far from “sitting on the fence” as Tony Pettengell alleges in his article (‘Off Message’, Personnel Today, 25 November), the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is taking the only stance a truly professional, non-discriminatory organisation can take in not banning BNP members from its membership.

This is strength, not weakness it would be far easier for the CIPD to follow the zeitgeist and run with the herd. The problem is, who determines what herd to follow? It’s highly likely, for instance, that were there to be a referendum on the restoration of capital punishment, a majority of people would vote in favour. That’s the problem with democracy.

If HR as a profession is to have any credibility, it must act without bias or prejudice against anybody, however abhorrent their views. A lofty ideal maybe, but one I personally try to adhere to, and believe all HR practitioners should aspire to.

Clive Painter, details supplied

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