Concern at lack of technical training

I read with interest your ’10 ways to develop staff on a budget’ feature. As a recruitment consultant to the creative sector, I am interested in training and development that might be of use to both our candidates and clients.

A few months ago we hosted a discussion for a number of our agency clients on The Future of Digital Resourcing. Some interesting issues came out of it, one of which was the lack of availability of technical training.

We’ve since taken the initiative by offering a series of free training and networking sessions for web developers and other digital staff, both in agencies and working client side.

I believe that recruitment consultants have a significant role to play in times of hardship and we should be doing more to encourage new talent into whichever sector we represent.

Initiatives such as the one we’ve just taken don’t have to cost a fortune, but they can be of real use in encouraging professional development and growing the talent pool – a good thing for us, for candidates and for HR departments.

Toby Thwaites, director, Purple

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