E-recruitment is not just about saving money

I was interested to read about Personnel Today’s research into the growth of e-recruitment (‘E-recruitment favoured over employment agencies during the recession‘, Personnel Today, 9 June).

It is, of course, true that online processes can help businesses cut costs. However, since e-recruiting is now used by the majority of businesses, organisations need to be thinking further ahead if they are to gain a real competitive advantage when recruiting.

Basic automation alone will no longer give companies an edge over rival employers, so it is essential that they use the tools available as effectively as possible – as an aid to employer branding, for example.

The latest talent management software can streamline and integrate recruitment, internal mobility, onboarding, as well as goals and performance management and succession and career planning. A unified talent management system can help cut costs while improving the productivity of the workforce during tough times.

The cost-cutting benefits of e-recruitment are definitely here to stay, but, in reality, saving money is only the beginning of a talent management strategy designed to weather the recession.

Chris Phillips, vice-president, international marketing, Taleo

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