Electronic signatures: the easiest HR transformation you haven’t made yet

imageEvery step of the employee lifecycle involves documents and signatures, whether you’re signing a contract of employment, approving a new role or changing terms and conditions.

Electronic signatures make it easy for HR to track important documents and speed up employment processes.

For candidates and employees, it’s far quicker to complete and return forms. As consumers, we expect a safe but speedy digital experience when we transact online, so why should this not be the case for employment documents and forms?

Approving new hire requests at Kantar

IT solutions provider Kantar IT Partnership also introduced e-signing to HR after a successful roll-out in procurement.

The company, which provides IT solutions to the media company Kantar, had brought in e-signatures to accelerate the process of sanctioning, creating and delivering purchase orders. Previously it had taken up to four weeks to collect the necessary signatures locally and from abroad.

Kantar IT Partnership now uses Adobe Sign to process 300 to 400 documents per month for as many as 40 employees. These range from expense reports and job requisitions to signing off purchases. Its HR group now also uses it to initiate new hire requests.

Automating the sign-off process means the process is simpler and faster, and there are now plans to introduce Adobe Sign to support employee onboarding.

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