Employees consider sacrificing pay for job satisfaction

Over a
third of London workers have considered moving to a job with a lower salary but
with greater personal fulfillment, according to research.

A survey of
160 commercial sector staff working in London found that 39 per cent had
thought about leaving their job for more personal satisfaction.

participants, working in industries such as banking and finance, said that a
good salary no longer guaranteed satisfaction with 54 per cent looking to make
a difference to people’s lives and 56 per cent wanting flexible working.

significant factors included a challenging role (70 per cent) and interaction
with others (74 per cent).

findings mark a significant shift in staff priorities with 1 in 7 of the calls
taken by the social work national hotline coming from workers in the banking
and business world.

research was carried out by Community Care magazine as part of the Care
in the Capital Week.

By Ross Wigham


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