Equality Bill is best hope for all

I am concerned by reports that business secretary Lord Mandelson is trying to abandon government promises to strengthen equalities legislation in the forthcoming Equality Bill (‘Maternity and equality law changes may go to keep business costs down’, Personneltoday.com, 23 February).

Guide Dogs is concerned that even the existing disability laws are still being ignored in many businesses. Blind and partially sighted people are still routinely refused access to restaurants and public transport. This cannot be right.There must be a greater debate about the position of disability in society.

Speaking personally, I believe that the law should enable family responsibilities for both genders to be shared properly.

So the ‘friends’ of Lord Mandelson – who say that maternity improvements should be shelved – are failing all British families, and women employees in particular.

Allowing all Britons to give of their best, not least through their careers, will enable UK Plc to emerge from the current recession. Anything less holds back the economy.

Bridget Warr, chief executive, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

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