Europeans opt for firms over own business

Three-quarters of young Europeans
want to work for companies rather than go it alone, claims a report.

Young Entrepreneurs,
Europe’s Challenge for Tomorrow, claims that the proportion of 20- to
24-year-olds who are self-employed has fallen to 4 per cent. In the 1990s it
was about 30 per cent.

The report shows that
young Europeans’ willingness to be an employee is linked to the continent’s
educational system as it prepares students for work in existing major companies.

Jan Herin, chief
economist at the Swedish Employers’ Confederation, which conducted the
research, said, "European governments now often emphasise the importance
of companies and entrepreneurship for their future economic and social

"Despite this, it
is mainly through initiatives from private organisations and companies that
entrepreneurship is encouraged and made a point of, both in society and in the

The UK leads the way
in staff culture with more than 80 per cent of young UK people preferring to
work for an employer.

The study is made up
of 11 employers with operations in 10 European countries, including the UK,
France, Germany and Spain.

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