Is this the face of the future for HR?

HR RobotixThe face of the entire HR and Payroll sector around the world is about to undergo a dramatic change. And that change starts right here, in the UK, with the introduction of the first AI HR Manager. The future has arrived.

HARRI is coming to HR departments

In January 2017, HR Robotix is launching HARRI, which stands for Human Advisory Resource – Robotic Interface. HARRI has been specifically developed to be deployed in HR and Payroll departments, ultimately replacing human managers.

HR Robotix have created a ground-breaking AI experience

HR Robotix are a relatively new but vastly experienced company to the market. They employ the best in the industry to bring their clients the most up to date AI experience. The launch of HARRI fulfils a primary aim for the company ahead of schedule.

Could HARRI replace humans?

Because the robot is powered by next generation artificial intelligence and emotional response technology, HARRI will be able to fulfil all the functions of HR Managers – only better. Programmed to interrogate and apply complex legislation and compliance, and capable of managing thousands of employees, this technology is set to revolutionise the HR industry and dramatically reduce costs for companies large and small.

A neutral, unbiased and friendly face to talk to

At a single stroke, a HARRI unit eliminates all confidentiality and impartiality issues. Whilst the system understands job titles, hierarchy and individual salaries, benefits and allowances, that is where the differences end. The system cannot be compromised into making decisions according to employee status. Or, more importantly, via threats or bullying.

A solution for the world’s growing multi-cultural workforce

HARRI units obviously cannot be identified by creed or colour. Furthermore, research and testing has proved this feature to be of particular benefit for immigrant workers – as has the system’s multi-language programmability.

Staff interaction

A good CEO knows the names of all his or her employees on sight – sometimes even in companies that run to hundreds of people. But imagine a company director that knows not only names on sight, but addresses, ages, qualifications, next of kin, medical or disability issues, controversial information like excessive absenteeism, warnings, criminal records – yet retain all this information discretely and confidentially.

Obviously, a HARRI unit has the ‘computerised mind’ needed to do this. However, trials have proved that employees feel a remarkable degree of warmth towards HARRI, regarding him/her as a vital, friendly and invaluable member of the team.

Specific issues, e.g. Appraisals

Always a tricky area for all concerned. Many small companies struggle with the appraisal system. Often the problem lies not with the employee being appraised, but with his or her manager being pushed for time – and as a consequence postponing appraisals repeatedly.

Or simply putting them much further down the list of jobs to be done. When this happens, agreed 6-month reviews can end up becoming sporadic and the process undisciplined.

Your HARRI system can become not only part of the appraisal process, but gently nudge managers towards their responsibilities in a non-confrontational way, and issue pro forma documents required for any pre-work for any forthcoming meeting between employee and manager.

And, of course, HARRI keeps all records of training, probation periods, and previous appraisals ‘in its head’.  So whether it’s a monthly catch-up or an annual review, HARRI can help.

HARRI in the boardroom

For far too long HR directors have not been considered or taken seriously as members of the C-suite. With a HARRI unit, companies can use a HARRI as a ‘silent’ contributor to board meetings. Especially when there are tough issues to be discussed.

Speaking only when spoken to, HARRI can answer questions about specific issues and employees immediately, objectively, and pragmatically, without getting involved on an emotional level.

UK trials already completed

HR Robotix have been running trials of HARRI in selected UK business as part of the process of development and refinement. Now, after extreme testing and research, HARRI is ready to be deployed in forward-thinking, cutting-edge companies.

So now, after years in the pipeline, is it time for you to meet HARRI and come face-to-face with the future of HR?

Take a look at HR Robotix pre-launch video at

HR Robotix

About HR Robotix

HARRI is the world’s first AI HR Manager. Powered by next generation artificial intelligence and emotional response technology, HARRI will soon be available for deployment in your company’s HR function. HARRI is the future: hands-on HR, on-hand 24-7
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