Flexibility helps lift employees’ productivity rate

Modern practices such as flexible working are improving productivity, a
report claims.

The study by BT Cellnet reveals that nearly 80 per cent of staff who work
flexibly think their performance has improved as a result. Nearly 70 per cent
estimate they are at least 10 per cent more efficient.

The report, based on a survey among companies with more than 500 staff,
covering half a million employees, shows that seven out of 10 senior
decision-makers believe staff can be more productive as a result of working

More than a third of employers think flexible working increases morale and a
fifth report that it helps promote staff loyalty.

Chris Mattheisen, BT Cellnet’s director of business marketing, said,
"New technology that enables and empowers productivity is arriving every

"If harsher economic times lie ahead, maximising productivity and
ensuring a motivated workforce will be critical."

But the study also shows there is still resistance to home working, with 68
per cent of senior managers admitting they are concerned about lost time or
opportunities when their staff are away from the office.

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