Free stress management course for our readers

Personnel Today has teamed up with Unchainyourbrain to give our readers access to a free course in stress management.

The course, presented by executive and leadership consultant Sonia Gavira, will help viewers regain clarity, control and calm –reducing stress and anxiety, and rebuilding the ability to cope.

For those with responsibility for managing others well-being, course attendees will learn the best ways to listen and talk to people with stress so they respond effectively.

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From tips and techniques for relieving stress at work, to methods for addressing mindset and beliefs, viewers will learn how to boost their resilience to avoid relapses.

Unchainyourbrain’s online stress management course is for anyone, including managers and care professionals, who has responsibly for managing others’ wellbeing and stress.

The course shows you how to listen and talk to people suffering from stress, provides techniques for relieving stress at work, methods for addressing mindset and beliefs, and critically, how to boost people’s resilience to avoid relapses.

The nine video modules cover:

  • How to recognise the behavioural, physiological and emotional symptoms of unhealthy stress in yourself and others
  • How to spot toxic language and thinking
  • How different personality types respond to stress differently
  • How to plot each of your people against key criteria to make an assessment of their stress levels
  • How to listen and talk to people suffering from stress using a seven-step person-centred therapeutic approach
  • Exercises to control stress and anxiety
  • Long-term strategies for building endurance including how to break bad habits, advice on nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep
  • How to boost resilience through boundary setting and the 90-90-1 rule.

Working in over 40 multinational organisations, has extensive experience and uses the latest research, neuroscience and psychology to provide practical, coaching-led learning.

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