Getty images wins award for Global HR

Today Awards 2001: The winner of the tmp.worldwide award for Global HR was the
HR team for Europe and Asia Pacific from Getty images. Vice-president for HR:
Ralph Tribe.

they did

Images started creating a global HR function in July 1999. The project sought
to bring consistency in process and strategy across operations in 22 countries.
First, small generalist teams were introduced to all Getty Images sites around
the world outside London and Seattle. These teams would ensure all future HR
activity would be relevant to the local business whether in Munich, Paris or

functions were then developed, bringing the company world class programmes and
processes in areas such as total reward, organisational development and general
HR management.

this structure, a global business partnership initiative was implemented to
make sure HR programmes would seamlessly connect with overall business
activities. While aligning HR practice across the international organisation,
and introducing world class HR programmes to the company, the initiative also
means managers now have a single point of contact for HR.

they did it

in 1995, the structure of Getty Images reflected the method of its expansion –
a network of some 28 acquisitions. The creation of a global HR function was a
crucial part of integrating all these operations into a unified coherent
organisational structure with a single CEO and shared leadership philosophy.

and achievements

company has introduced world class HR programmes in excess of its competitors
or similar sized organisations. Integrating management processes has saved
about £28m on annual labour costs. The implementation of new HR initiatives has
contributed to a reduction in voluntary turnover from 15 per cent to 8 per cent
over the past six months with an estimated saving of more than £1.4m. "The
matrix we have constructed has given us global alignment, business relevance
and local relevance," explains Ralph Tribe, senior vice-president for
global human resources. "We use that matrix as a filter so if a HR
initiative doesn’t fulfil those requirements, we simply don’t do it."

they won

doubt one of the most aggressively, business-focused and success-oriented HR
teams/strategy we have seen. The global transformation process has been
dramatic to see. Financial and personnel initiatives have blended in a unique
approach to produce huge financial and operational effectiveness returns for
the business. All this has been produced around the key asset of the
organisation, its people. Essentially a HR strategy that has achieved what the
world’s best would seek to emulate."

Craig Lydiat,e managing consultant, Aon


Initial start-up HR team

global realignment of HR practices was instigated when UK retailer Bow Bangles
was bought by Claire’s Stores in 1996, including a series of training
programmes and knowledge sharing activities between the UK company and its
parent in the US. Following a visit to the US, the UK HR director oversaw the
introduction of US-style pay and remuneration packages.

& Wireless Global
Global Employment Brand Management

& Wireless has created a new global employer brand in order to attract and
retain the talent it needs for its business. Consultations were held with
members of the senior management team, business functional heads, PR, corporate
communications and across the company’s partner network. Recruitment
advertising agency Barkers then produced a vision of the new brand.

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