GMB head slams ‘sickening greed’ of fat cat bosses

head of the GMB union has slammed fat cat salaries and urged the Government to
get involved and bring rises more into line with the national average.

Curran, general secretary of the GMB criticised the ‘sickening greed’ of
Britain’s bosses after a survey by the Guardian newspaper revealed director’s
pay rose seven times faster than that of their workers.

survey also revealed that the average salary of a FTSE 100 chief executive is
now a staggering £1,677,685.

people will be sickened at the level of these pay rises. Fat cat directors seem
incapable of self-restraint when it comes to their own pay. The GMB believes
therefore that the Government should do it for them and force bosses to accept
the same pay rises that they give their workers," he said.

By Ross Wigham

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