Guru to give ladies a leadership leg-up

Not wanting to be seen to be excluding all those lovely ladies out there, Guru notes that women have been missing out on the expert tuition they need to get on as top-class leaders (Personnel Today, 29 May).

Much like the Wild Hogs Club, the bastions of maleness that rule this land have been shutting out the women of the world. Clearly this is completely unjustified and something has to change.

Without wanting to upset his marauding band of hogs by inviting women to the party, Guru nonetheless feels duty bound to lend a hand.

Indeed, being kind and considerate and a font of all blue-faced wisdom, Guru feels he could be the guiding hand that could lead the female HR community to new heights.

And being broad-shouldered (not to mention broad-minded), Yours Truly is offering his own personal services to help any wannabe women leaders negotiate their way to the top, to provide something firm upon which to lean in times of troublesome work issues, to boldly go where no HR Guru has been before.

So send your ladylike leadership queries to, or become one of Guru’s ‘friends’ on the new-fangled internet thingy that is MySpace:

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