How having a dog-friendly office can help your business get ahead

Looking to retain and attract the best young talent? A dog could be the answer. No, really – 42% of millennials say they’d enjoy having a canine companion in the workplace. That’s why at Purina, we believe our Pets at Work (PAW) scheme is a great way to show you’re at the forefront of your industry – and simultaneously ensure happy employees have their tails wagging. Here are some ways that it could work for you.


1. Retain your pack
There’s nothing like a dog to bring a whole company together – in fact, 24% of companies with PAW implemented say that it improves relationships within the workplace. And who doesn’t love working with a group of people that feels like a second family? So take your next meeting to the nearest park and bring along your four-legged friend – a company that throws sticks together, sticks together.

2. Want a better work-life balance? Say ‘I do’ to Fido
It’s no secret that employees are the most engaged when they’re working together in a relaxed and supportive environment. PAW not only allows dog-owners more flexibility, it’s been seen to improve the morale and engagement of an entire workplace. Add in the fact that 40% of people using the programme say it enhances work-life balance and you’re onto a winning formula.

3. Office dog > Motivational speaker
We all love listening to inspirational talks by the world’s greatest minds – but there’s nothing more uplifting than your very own office dog egging you on with support and appreciation throughout the working day. A dog in office provides a constant reminder to be your best self, to get up and move around, to crack a grin and get to know your neighbours – a relentless source of employee motivation that lasts much longer than an internet video.

4. Keep CALM: Canines Aid Limber Minds
The fast-paced world of work can be an overwhelming place at times, but your office shouldn’t be. 48% of people believe that a dog could reduce stress at work, so they really are the ideal companion when the going gets tough. And with pets creating a more open, friendly atmosphere, employees are also encouraged to talk and work together.

5. Foster a happy, healthy workplace
So the presence of dogs in your office has improved relationships, inspired employees and reduced stress – it’s no wonder that over a third of companies with a PAW scheme believe it makes their employees happier and healthier. And a happy, healthy workplace leaves everyone with a not-so-magic boost of problem-solving skills and creativity. PAWs for thought, at the very least.

6. Attract top dogs
While most companies offer regular benefits such as gym memberships and healthcare, being able to bring your dog to the office is still a relatively novel (but priceless) offering. Implementing PAW in your workplace is seen as a benefit by 50% of employees, and that’s not considering the dog owners who see it as a deal breaker. When recruiting new talent, PAW is an easy way to show your day-to-day is a little more extraordinary.

Ready to welcome some four-legged additions to your office? Download the Pets at Work toolkit for more information or email [email protected]

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