In tough times sabbaticals offer way to gain new skills

I am writing in reference to your article about KPMG staff being told to take sabbaticals on reduced pay for up to three months (‘KPMG staff told to take sabbaticals to save jobs’,, 20 January).

I run Skills Venture, which organises sabbaticals in Kenya during which UK business people providing mentoring support and skills input to local entrepreneurs. The scheme gives people who have been asked to take a sabbatical, or have been made redundant, the opportunity to make good use of their enforced break.

By working with small businesses in Kenya they will build up professional and inter-personal skills, get a completely new perspective on life and business, and gain exposure to a dynamic part of the global economy that is still experiencing healthy growth rates.

Assignments can last for anything from a week to several months full details and case studies are available on our website I am sure that this would be of interest to your readers.

Will Snell, founder, Skills Venture

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