Investment banks make moves to attract diverse workforce

investment banks are offering ethnic minority undergraduates work experience
this week as part of a recruitment initiative.

total of 180 undergraduates will take part in the Capital Chances project,
which has the support of the Commission for Racial Equality and the African and
Caribbean Finance Forum.

student will gain experience in two of the participating banks, taking part in
business games and activities based on real-work scenarios. They will also have
the opportunity to talk to senior City figures, recent graduates and the banks’
graduate recruiters.

per cent  of the students who
participated in the programme last year subsequently applied for internships
with an investment bank.

Farmer, head of private sector policy at the CRE said: ‘In global business,
race and nationality are irrelevant – talent is everything. Capital Chances
encourages investment banks to recruit from all areas of the talent pool.’

King from the African and Caribbean Finance Forum said: ‘Attracting and
retaining the best talent irrespective of their colour or background should
result in a company with a diverse workforce that is better equipped to win in
this extremely competitive and globalised world.’

By Ben Willmott

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