Klaas action is all news to Dutchess

It’s time to reveal the winners of our Crowther Charrington-sponsored Christmas stockings competition. The cunning question posed was: ‘Before Dutch children hung stockings by the fire, what did they use instead?’

The answer was, of course, clogs. A number of people answered shoes, but due to EU regulations that ban discrimination in the naming of national footwear, these entries had to be discarded.

But before Guru announces the winner, have a read of this letter from disciple Suzanna, who decided to rubbish the entire competition…

Dear Guru,
Having been born in Holland and lived here all my life (just a bit over 30 years now) I was surprised to see that you have found a change in our ways involving Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa Claus) which hasn’t reached our Dutch borders yet. It is still customary to only put clogs near a fireplace, either accompanied with a letter for Sinterklaas or maybe a carrot for his faithful companion Amerigo (his white horse).
The use of stockings around Sinterklaas is, as far as I’m aware, not yet customary.

As a confirmed know-it-all Guru ignored this and delved deep into his sack, pulling out two winners who will receive their 50-worth of goodies in a delightful Christmas stocking. They are Simon Burwood, training officer at FFG Hillebrand, and Laura Campbell, HR officer at YWCA England & Wales. Well done to them and commiserations to everyone else. Another competition will be along soon.

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