Management bodies merge

National efforts to boost the profile of managers got a push last month with
the official launch of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

"The institute has nailed its colours firmly to its mast by including
the word ‘leadership’ in its title," said Gary Ince, ILM’s chief
executive. "Our pledge to our current and future members, stakeholders and
partners is that the ILM will uphold the highest standards of integrity and
service in providing those skills upon which the UK’s social and economic
wellbeing depends."

The ILM hopes to play a key role in creating a clear and concise career
pathway for individuals from supervisory roles through to senior management by
offering a practical range of opportunities, qualifications and advice for
continuing professional development.

The launch coincides with the creation of a new suite of management
qualifications linked to the national framework at levels 2 to 5, which will
replace qualifications for the existing National Examination Board for
Supervision & Management (NEBS) and Institute for Supervision and
Management (ISM)

Created principally by the merger of these two organisations, ILM has also
secured close links and partnerships with other players in the qualifications
and development arena, including City & Guilds and Investors in People.

"Creating strategic partnerships is far better than working in
isolation," said IIP’s chief executive Ruth Spell-man, who introduced its
new management and leadership model at the launch event. "We all need to
focus on the real needs of the workforce if our organisations are to be any

By Simon Kent

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